Goldshell KD-BOX Pro - Is it still worth it?

Goldshell’s upgrade to the popular mini Kadena ASIC miner was released early 2022 and is a step up from the original Goldshell KD-Box. The Goldshell KD-BOX Pro unit runs on a 230W power adaptor with an increased hash rate of 2.6 TH/s meaning it will give you a full return on investment much quicker than the original version.

Additionally, you might notice this miner comes with a little antenna giving you the ability to connect wirelessly so you don't have to always be connected with your ethernet cable.

Algorithm of KD-BOX Pro Kadena

The KD-BOX Pro Kadena uses the Blake256R14 proof of work algorithm and ships with a standard goldshell controller that can be operated without any special software.

Design of KD-BOX Pro Kadena

The compact design houses four goldshell kd-BOX Pro ASICs, each capable of delivering 18 GH/s. The KD-BOX Pro is powered by goldshell’s custom-designed 28nm chip. This unit can be stacked, so you can add more units as your needs grow.

Hashrate of the Goldshell KD-BOX Pro Miner

This Goldshell model offers a hash rate of 2.6 TH/s compared to 1.6 TH/s of the original Goldshell KD-BOX version, which is a pretty big jump and also meaning it will give you a full return on investment much quicker than the original version.

Noise Levels of KD-BOX Pro Kadena

Sound levels of this version run at 35db, which is around ambient level, meaning it can run in your home without any problems or issues with sound.


The profitiability of all asic mining equipment is subject to the fluctuating cost of electricity and the value of the coin, in this case Kadena. While it may not be very profitable to mine right now, think of it as a future investment. However, in saying that, the Goldshell KD-BOX Pro is still one of the ASIC miners running a profit and thats during the current bear market. We would expect that profits during a bull market to increase massively, so its a medium to long term investment.

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