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See our Shipping Policy to fully understand shipping times.
Most new miners come with a warranty. Bitmain products offer a 365-day warranty and all other manufacturers offer a 180-day warranty. If you have a warranty issue, Contact Us first.
This is impossible to put into words because people can simply say anything but look at some relevant facts. 1. We accept credit cards (no scammer would do this) 2. Look at our customer feedback.
Mining can be capital intensive to get started but, in my opinion, the long-term rewards far outweigh the costs. However, some people find it too steep of an entry to get started. In this case, we will accept half payment upfront and go ahead and get the miner on the way to Bonn. You can pay off the rest of the miner in any timeframe that you desire and once paid for, we will ship it directly to you.
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